Tip O' Tex Trail Riders

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Count Down to the Big Ride 






                                                      South Texas Tip-O-Tex Trail Rider Assoc.

56th Ride

Tuesday March 8th


10:00 am Start at Laguna Madre Park turn left on Port Rd towards Hwy 100. Turn left on Hwy 100 and travel on Hwy 100 at Laguna Vista turn right onto FM 510 to Roloff Park for lunch.

1:00 pm Depart Roloff Park. Turn right on FM 510 towards Bayview. Turn right on to Buena Vista Dr. Turn left onto Schafer Rd that turns onto Centerline and arrived at Harley’s for night stop Travel distance 14.1 miles.

Wednesday March 9th

9:00 a.m. Depart Harley’s turn left on to Centerline turn left onto (FM 2480) San Roman Rd then veer right onto N. Valencia Dr. Turn right onto FM 510 and ride towards Vicente place for lunch stop.

1:00 p.m. Depart Vicente place turn right onto FM 510 towards San Benito, We will turn onto line M Rd and ride towards Cameron County Youth grounds for a night stop Travel distance 15 miles

Thursday March 10th

10:00 a.m. Depart Cameron County Youth grounds turn right onto Line M Rd cross over Buss 77 onto Scaief Rd and then right on the Frontage Rd. Turn right into Sam Houston Parade through Sam Houston Street. Turn left on Stenger Street and turning right onto Freddy Fender Drive to Kennedy Park for Lunch break.

1:30 p.m. Depart Kennedy Park towards Business 77 Turn left on Business 77 and Parade towards Harlingen. Rear to left onto Commerce in Harlingen, crossing over to Elks Lodge (Next to Valley Morning Star) for night stop.  Travel Distance 8.7 miles

Friday March 11th  

8:30 a.m. Depart Elks Lodge. Turn left on Commerce and travel to Harrison St. Turn left on  Harrison St all the way to expressway turning right on Frontage Rd.. Proceed on frontage towards Spur 54. Turn left on Spur 54, stop at the Horizon Inn. Travel Spur 54 on frontage towards expressway going west. Take a left on to Bass Blvd towards Business 83 and trail towards La Feria. Noon stop at La Feria Co-op.

1:00 p.m. Depart La Feria CO-OP Gin and Supply turn right on Expressway old 83 to White Ranch Rd and make a right towards expressway 83 under the overpass and turn left on Frontage Road for night Stop at Rio Boots of Mercedes. Parking available anywhere behind Business building where is Caliche Travel distance 16.2 miles    

Saturday March 12th

07:00 a.m. Depart Mercedes Boot Company.  Turn right onto Mile ½ Rd.  At Business 83 cross over onto Mile 1 E. than make a right onto Mile 6 Rd and straight to the starting line of the parade .Nominations for queen will be done at Mercedes Boot Company before departing. Voting will be done at the starting point.  PARADE on Texas Ave through Stock Show Grounds then out of facilities. Will ride back to Mercedes Boot Company

Note: Breaks will be taken every two and a half to three miles, when given the opportunity. Times are not exact, they are close. We will try to keep on schedule as much as possible. Departure times for next day will be announced before everyone departs for the night. Still working on meals for the week, will let you know at registration. Routes are subject to change depending on weather, construction, noon stop or having to take a different route for any unexpected reason.


Thank you and have a Wonderful Trail Ride.