Tip O' Tex Trail Riders

Keeping traditions alive

The Official Tip O' Tex rules and intended to constitute annual membership dues for members in good standing and guidelines as to the manner in which trail riders are conducted in general for the good safety of all participants. Tip O' Tex Board of Directors and individual members cannot be held responsible for any violation of the official rules and guidelines.

Trail Ride Preparations- Getting Started

The 2016 Annual Trail Ride is scheduled to being on Tuesday, March 08, 2016 from a location just south of Port Isabel on 902 Port Road. An itinerary which includes starting and ending points and proposed overnight stops, will be post on all Tip O' Tex Trail Ride equipment and will be available at registration. Extra copies of both the itinerary and  rules and regulations can be obtained from registration people.

Rules and Regulations

A) All equine being ridden or doing any pulling must have and provide a Negative Coggins Test Certificate within the last 12 months. A copy of the certificate for all equine being ridden at either the beginning of a ride or joining the ride at any interval must be provided before joining ride. It will each rider's responsibility to abide by the rules mandated by the Texas Animal Health Commission and to provide a certificate to the Texas Animal Health Commission, if requested at any time during the ride. (As of January 1, 1997), the Texas Animal Health Commission requires a Negative Coggins Test good for one year on all equine (Horses, Asses,Mules,Donkeys and Zebras) at all gatherings.


Membership dues for March 1, 2016 through February 28, 2017

$ 35.00 for anyone 17 years old and older ( No Group Rates)

$15.00 for anyone 8 years old up to 15 years of age

8 years of age in minimum: NO EXCEPTIONS. An adult on the ride must sponsor children under the age of 17. If the adult sponsor leaves the ride for any reason over the course of the 5 day event, the sponsored child will not be allowed to ride until the adult sponsor returns to the ride. Only a registered rider who is attendance at all times qualifies as a sponsor. The rider under 16 must have membership application signed by parent or guardian and sponsoring adult.

Each rider must be a 2016-20017 member. All riders must display current membership at all times during the 5 day ride. Anyone joining the ride long the route must become a member and display membership or he/she will be asked to leave the ride. Membership is not transferable. (Anyone caught "loaning" his or her membership to a non-member may be asked to leave).

Unruly Behavior will not be acceptable:

A) All pets must be on a leash and under control at all times.

B) Absolutely no horse racing, no riding double or riding bareback.

C) To help avoid any criticism of the riders as a whole. There will be no drinking while riding. Vulgarity and profane language will not be tolerated. Parents will not be permitted to distribute alcoholic beverages to their children.

D) Members are asked to direct any complaints directly to the Trail Boss. Every effort will be made alleviate any complaints or problems as efficiently as possible.

E) Firearms are prohibited. Absolutely no firearms are allowed at any time during the trail ride.

F) Red Ribbon (warning) must be tied (carefully) on the tail of any horse that kicks: if your horse is seen kicking at any time during the ride, a ribbon will be placed on your horse causes.

G) Please try to keep campsites clean (so we can come back again) and do not damage any property along the ride (I.E., farmers fields, etc.) All registered riders are eligible for the "Cleanest camp" trophy.

H) The trail boss and scouts will ensure that traffic is properly directed. Keep track of all outriders and drag and provide assistance as needed.

Please take time to review these rules: some may have changes and there may be new riders that are not familiar with these rules.

These rules and guidelines, together with the membership application form, set standards that have been discusses and approved by the board of directors and general membership. These Rules and Regulations are not meant to offend anyone but are specifically meant for the good, welfare and safety of all members and guests. Our goal is to make your ride enjoyable, safe and memorable: A time to see old friends and meet new ones.